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What is it?

The Provault Program at Counseling Professionals PLLC serves to provide equity to mental health service access in the community by providing clients compensation for participation in three sessions with one of our qualified intern providers and completing paperwork for intake and review for that provider

Topics covered in ProVault Program include but are not limited to...

Additional topics for Children (included but not limited to)

How does it work?

How do participants get paid?

How do intern providers get paid?

Counseling Professionals PLLC values innovation, which includes having a program where graduate student interns to get paid during their internship! Interns are paid $150 a month through the program. They complete 10 hours a month of administration work at $15 an hour. They will get hands on experience creating feedback forms, working with CP providers, and learning more about the outpatient counseling field. Interns have the opportunity to get paid for sessions if Counseling Professionals PLLC is compensated for sessions. 

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