Joining the Team

Mutually Beneficial

Providers who have applied to work with us commonly share that they felt like Counseling Professionals was applying for a job to work with them. We believe that for us to work together, it needs to be a mutually beneficial relationship. This means, the place to start is learning about us and then learning if we can help you.

Step 1 - Learn About Us

Learn about us and see if you share our passion, mission, and if you were to work with us, you would be proud of our work together.


Learn about who we are from our providers. We encourage you to reach out to any of them and ask about their experience with us as a company.

Click Here to See our Testimonial Page to hear from our Providers about working with Counseling Professionals PLLC (CP)

Step 2 - Qualifications

Do you qualify as a Provider? (Note - If you would like to join our Administrative Team or volunteer, email us here.)

Click on the Sections below to learn about the standards for each section. (Note - If you are to be licensed soon, you may still review and continue moving forward.)

Step 3 - Growth and Financial Expectations

This sections provides you with calculations on what you can expect for growth and the best option for working with Counseling Professionals PLLC. We want you to be in great place to grow with us. Being a therapist is a growth position and you will need time to grow responsibly. We want you to have good expectations for that.

What normal growth looks like and the options to influence it.

Calculator and Report Generator to be able to see what you can earn.

How fast can you can get on board and credentialed

Step 4 - Working with Counseling Professionals and Our Team

What we can help provide to you as a member of our team: life balance, a community, and growth. Here is information about Employment Options, Work/Life Support and Resources, Community Involvement, and Company Structure. We know that you as a provider want to focus on your clients and being the best provider you can be. We want to support that goal and your growth in being the best provider you can be . These are the resources that many providers want and have questions about, so we want you to know about before coming to work with us.

Step 5 - Lets Talk!

Reaching out to meet with us! We so look forward to talking with you and learning about your journey that led us to meet and potentially work together. Here is the link to apply and expectations moving forward.

Start here to Submit your information, References, and Resume

We Reply to Meet

One of our staff will reach out in 24 to 72 hours to set up a meeting some time in the next week. You can click here to see what we are going to ask in our meeting. We aim to have our meeting be between 30 minutes and an hour (most likely by zoom)

Offer Letter

Once we send an offer letter, we want you to review our independent contractor agreement and decide if working with us still works for you. Ask questions and if you feel good, then start onboarding to work together to help others!

Step 6 - Follow Up and Help Us Improve

Constant improvement. As providers come onboard, we always take the opportunity to improve the process as well as improve every aspect of the company based on new providers feedback. We get better together. We are sometimes blind through habit to opportunities to improve, so your feedback is important to us. If you notice any issues or areas of improvement going through the onboarding process, please let us know here. It is completely anonymous. We just appreciate the opportunity to improve and promise not take it personally, but utilize constructive feedback to the best of our abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is an offer good for?

  • Answer - As long as your license is in good standing, forever. We have had providers come back 6 months later to work with us.

What if I want to work remote?

  • Yes, we have a few providers who work exclusively remote. Telehealth is an option for all providers. We provide the platform and training. You would need to make sure your space is HIPAA compliant, but we are open to your best work environment.

Does you require a minimum number of sessions per week?

  • We have a minimum of 10 sessions per month after about 6 months, which we loosely enforce. We want to make sure you are growing and providing in the community. If you are not growing after 6 months, we will work with you if you are committed to try to grow, but we may not be the best fit at that point. We do not force clients to work with you, so they have to match with you and they have to choose you, so if you let people get to know you and respond to referral requests in a timely manner, you should do well!

Do I get my own office?

  • We do office sharing. This maximizes space and resources. There are office leads and office esthetics are dictated by the office lead and each offices main office user. We manage office space through this form.

Can I start my own office under Counseling Professionals PLLC

  • Yes, we would need to discuss it, but we are always looking to expand. We would be happy to set up a meeting to discuss your goals. You can contact CJ here to discuss it more. Normally we will reach out to our providers when we want to open a new office and see if someone wants to lead a new office or if someone moves to a new area and wants to continue to work with us, but start a new office there.

Can I negotiate for a better salary?

  • We have a very progressive pay structure that everyone has (Each Month Revenue is split 60%/40% for the first 1k in review and 80%/20% for each dollar over 1k in review), so we value your value and your desire to be paid what you are worth and we are proud to say we pay as much as we can. We also are able to negotiate better rates with insurance companies as a team. We also have a great streamlined system to value your time to help you make the most per hour. We want to value your time. We can have a discussion, but what we give you, we would need to give to everyone.

Thank you