Setting up Your Profile

Video Walk Through

Once you select a provider you would like to work with, reach out to them directly and double check that they are the best fit for you. You can collaborate on finding a time on their calendar. Make sure they take your insurance or can work in your budget. The video to the left helps you walk through everything you need to do to be able to come in and have a smooth first session. This information will be emailed to you when working with your provider.

If you need to share extra documents, they can be shared via our secure HIPAA Compliant SignNow form or they can be faxed to us at 919-573-0438 or emailed directly to the provider you need to share the documents with. They can also be mailed to us or should be able to be uploaded to your TheraNest Portal. If you have any issue, email for assistance.

Telehealth Overview

We offer telehealth as an option. It is covered by many insurance plans at this time, but may change over time. Check with your plan's details if it is covered. All CP providers are telehealth trained and our system is HIPAA compliant for Telehealth.

A big predictor of your success in counseling is being able to build a healthy relationship with your provider. We want to help you get to know your therapist before you meet them. Please see the list of providers and sort by the providers who are available, that work within your budget or insurance and then get to know them. Feel free to email them and ask for more information as needed. If you need help finding a therapist, you can email our referral coordinator (or fill out the referral form) with your information and they can help you find either internal Counseling Professionals PLLC Resources or help look in the community for resources.

See if someone matches what you are looking for in a provider.

Referral Coordinator

Get Christine Wilson's help finding a provider internal or externally to Counseling Professionals PLLC. Email or click the Picture to fill out our Referral Form

Documents for your Reference

We use to provide more documents here, but they have been moved to the client portal.

If you need a specific document, they can be found on your portal when you start counseling or by requesting it from our provider.

Please log on to your Theranest Portal to access your signed document

If you need to send us other documents like your license or insurance card, you can do so through our HIPAA Compliant document sharing sign now form here.

Or, email your provider to request a specific document, assessment or other documents

If you would like to know what documents you will need to provide for counseling, you will need the following documents to get started:

Client Documents Needed:
Your Contact Information
A Payment Method
Your Insurance Information (If you are filing with insurance)

Documents Needing to be Signed:
Standard Intake Questionnaire (or Child/Adolescent Version if for dependent)
Consent for Therapy
Consent for Distance Therapy
Notice of Privacy Practices
Acknowledgement of Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices
Consent for Use of Health Information
Cancellation Policy
Payment Consent

We have other assessment tools that may be used by Providers.

Letter of Support for Emotional Support Animal:
Evaluations for Emotional Support Animals and provide a letter of support. This does require 3 sessions for an evaluation and is not a promise of any external organization or third party to allow an animal to be present in their owned and operated primacies. This letter is only extra information for any third party's consideration for exception to established policy based on condition, situation, or disability. Christine Wilson can help find a provider at Counseling Professionals PLLC who would be willing to help. Email or click the Picture to fill out our Referral Form

Release of Information request can be made directly with your Provider