Onboarding for New Providers

This page is for new providers to access Onboarding in sections if you do not have the time to complete the whole onboarding process in one sitting.

Onboarding Section Links are being updated:

Please click here for Google Doc of Active Links in the meantime

Before you start (You should have received this document, but if you did not and you have a printer), download this document and gather the appropriate documents to make onboarding easier.

Onboarding KickStarter (General) for keeping track of progress

Getting Started: The Basics

  1. Provider Profile Data

  2. Independent Contractor Agreement

  3. Email Setup

  4. Phone System Setup

  5. Supervisor Information, Lists, and Contract

    • Requesting Supervisor List

    • CP Template of Supervision Contract - In Development

  6. Office Hours

Getting Your Name Out: Marketing

  1. Psychology Today Setup and Walk-Through

  2. Marketing Walk Through

  3. Business Cards have been changed and we are exploring new modern options

  4. Beta- Adding to our Company Listing Database on Website (Email Emily Jerome for Questions)

Work Life Balance

Work Life Progress Options Sign Up

    1. CE's

    2. Wellness Programs

Communicating With Clients

    1. New Client Communication Script and Process

    2. First Client Email Generator

    3. For New Providers Professional Disclosure Statement Generator

      • New Providers need to submit the above generator for the data to be reviewed and validated

      • These PDS will be autogenerated and will come directly to you and you can make updates as needed

Therapy Notes: Provider Side

  1. Therapy Notes Set Up

  2. Setting Up Sessions Overview

  3. Provider Side – Before First Session

  4. Provider Side After First Session

  5. Provider Informational Videos

  6. Administrative and Billing Side Training (In Development)

Therapy Notes: Client Side

  1. Your Therapy Note Portal Invite and Setup Video Walk Through

  2. Access Client Documents Video Walk Through

Company Resources

  1. Release of Information (ROI) - Link to Actual Form

    • How to Use Video

  2. Client Coverage Check

  3. Monthly Payroll Report (In Development)

  4. Company Policies and Contractor Handbook

    • Note: Employee Handbook provided through Insperity Upon Employment

  5. Company Roles and Structures

Best Practices

  1. Best Practices

  2. How to Avoid Scams (In Development)

All Done!

You Did It! Make sure to fill out this form for us to follow through with everything to get reviewed and the credentialing started.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Onboarding Liaison, Samantha Quiel: SamanthaQuiel@CounselingProfessionalsPLLC.com

For updating your information after onboarding, finding frequently used documents, or learning who to contact with specific questions, check out our Current Provider Resources page!

Next Steps

Now that you've finished onboarding, what now?

  • If you are interested in scheduling a time to get headshots and short videos for Psychology Today done, email Samantha Quiel to set up a time!

  • Review the marketing section again and connect with any additional referral sources you may be interested in.

  • Bookmark the Current Provider Resources page to refer back to if you need to review information

Additional Onboarding in Development

  1. Ethics Review

  2. HIPAA Training

  3. Company Structure

  4. PsychoEducation Development Process

    1. Process Document

    2. Medical Research Resources

      1. F1000 Research Database

      2. Medical Journals

      3. National Library of Medicine

      4. Highwire Research Database

      5. Labor, Business, and Econ Stats

      6. Kaiser Family Foundation Medical and Social Polls

      7. Kids data statistics and Care

      8. Merck Manual for Diagnosis and Medical Data

      9. Walden Resource Index

    3. Presentation Templates

    4. Presentation Recordings

    5. Residual Income Content Development

  5. Becoming an Office Lead

  6. Becoming an Employee

  7. Protecting Yourself From Scams

  8. Reading the Monthly Payroll Training

  9. Using Teams for Communicating

  10. iPad training