Session Expectations

First Session?

The first session may feel strange. You are going to talk to someone about things that you may not like sharing and you want the freedom to share. This may seem like a big leap in trust. There is a freedom in having good counsel and knowing that by law we cannot share what you share with us unless you are a danger to yourself or others!

The Flow of Counseling

  1. The Therapist will first state the disclaimer of confidentially and then ask you about what brings you into counseling.

  2. Generally the first session is about listening to you, understanding you and your situation, and getting an idea of what goals you may have.

  3. At the end, of the first session, there will be some discussion about what moving forward looks like and how you would like to use counseling. Keep in mind that you are our boss and our goal is to make you more successful at life.

  4. You are still in charge and you find a frequency of meeting that works for you and your therapist that helps you move forward in life at a pace that works for you.

  5. When you have achieved what you wanted to, you can come to a close with your therapy, but your therapist will be there for you when you need them. This is a relationship of being able to come and go in a way that works for you as long as you communicate and work with your therapist.

Why do people come to Counseling?

Different people use counseling differently

      1. Some people need a place to strategize on progress for life

      2. Some people need validation that what they face is normal or abnormal before taking action

      3. Some people need a place to vent

      4. Some people need new skills on communication or boundaries with others

      5. Some people want to address issues like anxiety or depression

      6. Some people want to come to counseling to help others

      7. Some people come to counseling to find a greater meaning and purpose in life

Different people need different dynamics help themselves or others

  1. Individual sessions

  2. Couples Counseling

  3. Family Therapy

  4. Child Therapy

  5. Group

  6. Situational Support like Loss, Deployment, Relationship Dynamics, Life Balance, Legal issues

What if something goes wrong with my Insurance or Counseling?

We appreciate when clients reach out. We know it is not always easy. We hope that you learned about your therapist and you feel they can help. We like to try to get everything we need to make everything go smoothly, but it does not always go that way, so we stay flexible.

If insurance has some issue, we work with the insurance company to try to fix it. We also stay in contact with clients and try to adjust to a flat rate if we are having an issue. If we need to, we write off debt, because we do not believe in collection agencies. We are here to improve your life and not make it worse. We will also adjust our pay and pro bono offerings based on your situation. Everyone should be able to get support. We have faith that your situation will improve and will improve faster with our support. Talk to your provider if you need support. If we flex with a client, we have faith that our efforts to help through the tough times will be returned in good referrals and support for our group of providers in the future in the community. We appreciate your support and we hope to earn it by being flexible with you and others as you need it.

With counseling, it is important to find a therapist that works for you. That may not always happen with the first attempt. We want you to get to know your therapist in the beginning to the best of your abilities, but if the relationship is not clicking, then you can look for another therapist with your therapist's help or our referral coordinator. Our providers want to help everyone, but not every provider is a perfect fit for every client. We recognize this. To be honest, it is not always easy. We are human too. However, we will understand and will help, because your progress is most important.

If you have other questions, you can Contact Us to help give you more reassurance and we will be happy to hear from you!