Billing Options and Practices

Counseling Professionals PLLC understands that therapy has financial considerations and should be a collaborative process. Our goal with this page is to empower clients to better understand the billing process and issues that may occur along the way to hopefully prevent those issues and help build trust as our goal is to focus on your treatment goals. 

Reimbursify Insurance Check

If you use the third party insurance check, it may take a minute or two to process and then we will automatically forward the information to you. Remember that this is not a promise of coverage from Counseling Professionals PLLC. We do not take Medicare, Local or Value versions of different plans, or specialty plans, but we can request single use exceptions. The coverage information you receive is what the insurance company replied with to our inquiry, not a promise of coverage. We only truly know the coverage after we submit a claim. We offer accommodations if your coverage is not good or if we cannot take your insurance for any reason. We encourage that you get in touch with your insurance company and get coverage details directly before starting counseling. The codes we use are 90791 for Intake and 90837 for 1 hour sessions. We will be in touch with you shortly to provide what information we received. Thank you for checking and we hope to work together soon!

We encourage you to also learn about how insurance works and the process we go through with billing below.

If you would like to use them for submitted out of nework claims, you can see a video on how to do that here: 

Special Note: Counseling Professionals PLLC has 17 different billing accommodations to help keep counseling accessible and flexible with your situation to make sure you have continuity of care. If you need any flexibility, please talk to your provider. We also have interns who provide discounted, free, or paid counseling in some circumstances, which is linked Here.

Billing "Road" Process

Billing takes time and many points to process medical payments and work with insurance, the image to the left is the general overview of what that looks like to successfully process a claim.

Avoid Billing Delays & Issues with Support

What is not Covered by Insurance 

Common Insurance Terms

More Terms Can be Found Here