License and Board List

Three Main License Types and Boards we Currently Onboard

We will verify licenses on the panel of your license, but we will need a pdf of your license from the board, so we recommend you get that from your board before applying. If your license is 3 months out from being renewed, that may impact onboarding.

License List

*We do work with Associates and new graduates.




Open to Licenses

Psy. D Clinical Psychologist Forensic Psychologists

In Development License Options

Counseling Professionals PLLC is interested in opening a prescribing operation in the near future. If you are a prescriber and would like to lead or collaborate on that investment, we would be open to hear from you.

MD Psychiatrist Nurse Practitioner

Other Options

Other type of medical professionals are welcome to email CJ the CEO directly to discuss any ideas you may have. If you are looking to collaborate as a separate organization, you may be better service by going to this page.