Full Process

Note: This is the start for the full onboarding process. If you need to do onboarding in sections, go Here. If you are looking to do updates, go Here.

Time: Note that onboarding is 4 to 8 hour process. Please plan accordingly. If you do not feel you can do everything in one sitting or you have an inconsistent internet connection, please use the sectioned onboarding.


Great! Lets see if we are ready to get started

____ 1. I reviewed the Joining the Team Page and Applied

____ 2. I Interviewed

____ 3. I Received an Offer Letter

____ 4.Filled in Kick Starter Form (Link on your Offer Letter)

____ 5. Received Start checklist to start Onboarding!

Click the Image or here to get started!

If you did not receive her Onboarding Checklist, email CJLeach@CounselingProfessionalsPLLC.com or Licensing@CounselingProfessionalsPLLC.com