Kelly Jerome

Licensed Professional Counselor, MS, NCC, LCMHC

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BCBS (Not Value or Home), Aetna, Out of Network, and Self-Pay Clients

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Horses can offer us a wonderful connection and help us explore our deeper attachments and human relationships.

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Personal Statement

I believe we all possess an inherent wisdom that allows us to live in a state of flow, safety and healthy relationships. Life challenges, trauma, loss, and stressful transitions can often dampen our flow, showing up as anxious thoughts, panic attacks, depressed mood, or feeling unsafe or alone. During these seasons, we may feel highly activated or impulsive, or alternately listless, numb, or disconnected from ourselves and others. Sometimes reaching out for support during such moments feels immensely difficult, and yet I believe the power of connection can help return us to our inherent wisdom and flow.

I offer a warm, compassionate and nonjudgmental space for developing a felt sense of safety and coping strategies to help navigate life. I specialize in supporting adults who experience loss of connection with self or others, anxious thoughts or panic, or a low mood in relation to trauma, loss or transition, and enjoy partnering with you toward your goals.

I wish life was easy and that we had a magic wand to make all the challenges, losses, and pain disappear. Until that magic wand becomes available, I am here to bear witness to and be with you and your pain, to help you become present in all life experiences, and to support you in developing a felt sense of safety in your own skin and in your relationships.

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